Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Drama Today In Enugu House Of Assembly As Leader Orders The Arrest Of Accountant-General

A scene was made to unfold in Enugu House of Assembly this morning as the leader of the assembly; Sunday Ude- Okoye ordered the State Commissioner of police to arrest the State accountant-General, Paschal Okolie for failing to appear before the house on three different occasions. The House leader was quoted to have said, Mr Paschal was giving unconvincing excuses such as being sick, just not to honour the house’s invitation and he has it on good notes that, he Paschal is fine and has been attending to his duties. We have below his statement while he orders the State Commissioner of police to take charge;

“We are all from Enugu State and every time he pretends to be sick, but we keep getting information that he attends to his duty.. how come?.

Ex Militants Become Lawmakers in Rivers State

Some of the horrific Niger Delta militants, who accepted the Federal Government’s Amnesty, have been elected into the Rivers State House of Assembly, The late President Musa Yar’Adua had in 2009 signed a annunciation granting Amnesty to Niger Delta militants, who agreed to lay down their arms and embrace peace.

The deal offered an unconditional pardon and cash payments to fighters who surrendered their arms and assembled at screening centers located in many parts of the oil-rich region within 60 days.
It targeted up to 10,000 militants whose attacks in the six Niger Delta states cost the country a third of its oil production and revenue to be incured.

Court Releases 57 Soldiers Sentenced to Death For Mutiny in December

The trending  news that just came up by a special court martial in regards to the Nigerian Army affairs has discharged and acquitted 57 soldiers who were charged with losing their weapons and going on an Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL) while battling with the boko-haram insurgents some time last year.

In December last year, the soldiers were charged with conspiracy to commit mutiny after their act of rebellion led to the death of some of their colleagues in a struggle fight with insurgents. They claimed that their weapons were inferior to the enemy’s at the period.

Our Fashion Of Today: Consequences of Wearing High Heels

More women are wearing higher heels, and for longer, and experts are increasingly concerned about the long-term damage they are doing to their feet. High heels in the form of stilettos first became popular in the Thirties, but while heels used to be largely 'special occasion' wear, thanks to the success of shows such as Sex And The City they have become de rigueur for every day.

One in ten women wears them at least three days a week, and a recent survey found a third had hurt themselves falling while wearing high heels. There are other consequences, as consultant podiatric surgeon Mike O'Neill, spokesman for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, explains: 'High heels make you raise your heel and as soon as you do that your centre of gravity is pushed forward.
'What happens then is you bend your lower back to compensate for this and that changes the position of your spine, putting pressure on nerves in the back.'

CBN Cuts Overseas Withdrawal Limit on Naira Debit Cards from $150,000 to $50,000

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, yesterday announced the reduction of the usage of naira debit cards for transactions overseas from $150,000 to $50,000 per person, per annum. The reduction was announced by the Director, Trade and Exchange Department, CBN, Mr. Olakanni Gbadamosi via a circular titled “Usage of Naira Denominated Cards Overseas.

The circular stated:
 “All authorised dealers and the general public are hereby informed that with effect from the date of this circular (13th April 2015) the existing limit on the usage of the naira denominated cards for transactions overseas has been reviewed downward... 

PHOTOS: Four Smugglers Excrete 171 Wraps of Cocaine at NDLEA Office

Four suspected drug traffickers has been reported to have excreted 171 wraps of cocaine after being suspected and placed under observation by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in lagos.

The suspects - Ejiofor Eliezer (46), Obah Francis (30), Akpa Sobuzochukwu (27) and 36-year-old Ike Okechukwu, according to NDLEA, were apprehended at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos after attempting to smuggle cocaine into Brazil.

Eliezer, who excreted 100 wraps of the drug - the highest single ingestion since January 2015, told investigators that poverty in responsible and it has pushed him to commit this crime act, adding that he had intended to use the expected proceed to fend for his family of four.

BREAKING: Kidnapped Orekoya Kids Have Been Released!!!

Mrs. Adebisi Busayo Adekunle Orekoya, whose three kids were kidnapped by their housegirl in Lagos has just confirmed that the boys have all been released and reunited with the family. Good news!

The kids' mother, Mrs Adebisi Busayo Adekunle Orekoya, just confirmed on her Facebook page that the three kidnapped kids have been released. Thanks to God!! No word yet on if ransome was paid but the kids were reunited with their parents yesterday April 14th 2015.

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