Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Our Fashion Of Today: Consequences of Wearing High Heels

More women are wearing higher heels, and for longer, and experts are increasingly concerned about the long-term damage they are doing to their feet. High heels in the form of stilettos first became popular in the Thirties, but while heels used to be largely 'special occasion' wear, thanks to the success of shows such as Sex And The City they have become de rigueur for every day.

One in ten women wears them at least three days a week, and a recent survey found a third had hurt themselves falling while wearing high heels. There are other consequences, as consultant podiatric surgeon Mike O'Neill, spokesman for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, explains: 'High heels make you raise your heel and as soon as you do that your centre of gravity is pushed forward.
'What happens then is you bend your lower back to compensate for this and that changes the position of your spine, putting pressure on nerves in the back.'

This can cause sciatica, a painful condition where nerves become trapped, triggering pain and numbness as far down as the feet. Another common problem, says O'Neill, is that the Achilles tendon - which runs up the back of the leg from the heel - becomes permanently damaged.
I hope you know that prolonged wearing high heels can cause a permanent damages like bunions, hammertoes, Leg Tendons. This are mainly caused due to pressure on ball of the foot. The higher the heels,the greater is the pressure. This can also affect the knees and back, So on wearing high heels continously you are increasingly damaging your feet.

Many of the problems - which can occur simultaneously - are caused by the increased pressure high heels put on the ball of the foot; the higher the heel, the greater the pressure. The knee and back can also be affected

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