Sunday, 8 March 2015

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Islamic Group In Iraqi City "Hawija".. Creates Head-Qarters With Entrance So Barbaric!!

Shockingly pictured above are censored images of 8 dead bodies hanging from a metal frame at the entrance to an Iraqi city called Hawija.

 The photos are the Islamic State's latest public display of barbarity and according to reports, Hawija is the city they plan to make their new HQ. So they proudly displayed the dead men at the entrance. 

The ghastly images which emerged on social media show the men's limp bodies suspended from their feet off a tall structure in the town. The notorious black flag used by Islamist groups like ISIS is displayed above them as horrified looker-ons inspect the scene. ISIS fighter believed to be Abu Al-Rahman poses in one of the pictures below giving the one-fingered IS salute in front of a victim's bloodied corpse. If you don't mind the horror, see the uncensored photos after the cut. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.

PHOTOS: Fire Completely Takes Down Gabriel Igbinedion’s "Independent TV & Radio" in Benin

According to City People report, Sir Gabriel Igbinedion-owned Independent Television and Radio(ITV) Station in Benin the capital of Edo state was totally took down by fire last night. 

According to report, The cause of the fire is not known yet but his daughter Barrister Omosede Igbinedion has said, “It is clear that the attack on ITV is purely a deliberate act of destruction or sabotage, a calculated attempt at that.” See more photos after the cut... 

KINGDOM REALITIES: The Revolution Nigeria Craves - Part Two

Welcome back Friends...  BH has said in our "last episode" is an ideology and can be stopped with a higher ideology. Their leader was killed in 2009, it only made them stronger. Capturing their leader now won't end it either, they will yet have another (to get proper clarification and understanding on this watch out for a series on; "Nigeria and Terrorism" coming up soonest on KINGDOM REALITIES, you can't afford to miss out on that).

 My point here is that its just a bitter truth, we'll still be here with terrorism for a while, it can't be stopped overnight, what make people get to a point of blowing themselves up as suicide bombers isn't a day job and it's not the matter of money, it's an AGENDA with a well crafted IDEOLOGY to brainwash innocent people who are victims of life's circumstances, don't expect the next administration to put a final end to it within a 4 years term, lest you'll be disappointed. I'm not a prophet of doom, truth must just be said.

PHOTOS: Denrele's Outfit To AMVCA 2015 Has Got Everyone Talking!!

LMAO! I just can't stop laughing... what in the name of an outfit is this? well that was only my opinion; i guess i was thinking out loud. We have now gotten a clearer picture of Denrele and guess what? a lot of people on Twitter are screaming that they've finally given up on this guy. It took Bovi his twitter handle to also comment.

Around is a number of guesses about who fixed that up for him, some say Toyin Lawani made his DRESS! and yet another his HAIR! whatever... all i know is that this is going crazy. See more photos of him from the event after the cut..

Boko Haram Joins ISIS...

According to Channels tv, a audio message has just emerged involving the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram pledging allegiance to ISIS. 

Also is a message posted on Boko Haram"s twitter acount confirming that. the message is claimed to be sent by the group leader of the sect. though hasn't being verified by Channels tv. Wait a minute, i thought Boko Haram's twitter handle has been taken down... so which handle are we talking about here? well! that by the way.

 This same Boko Haram sect which has been a terror in the northern Nigeria since 2009 with the intention of imposing Islamic rule to this part of the country is now the latest in series of groups to swear allegiance to the ISIS. 

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