Friday, 6 March 2015

KINGDOM REALITIES: The Revolution Nigeria Craves - Part One

Hello friends, its KINGDOM REALITIES again, let's talk on it again. It bothers me a lot, Yes it does! The affairs of this nation, I just seem not able to talk about Nigeria now without starting from where we are, I mean starting with the forth coming elections.

I don't know why this polls ahead bothers me this much this time, I just can't have my breath, I lose my peace and sleep when the thoughts come. No doubt it's due to my recent understanding that a lot is dependent on the next elections and subsequent ones. The future I crave so hard for, the heritage I want to leave behind for posterity all depend seriously on who makes laws and have the mantle of authority in this country. Apparently its more than the game of chance for me, rather a matter of life and death like I'll always say.

I have read series of comments on people's preferences and I realized that most youths wants this present administration to leave because the administration lack youth empowerment ideas, most of the elderly shout for change just because of the height of insecurity in the country... 

They fear for their investments, the safety of their families - would one blame them?, they can't just afford to allow everything they've laboured for over the decades just go over night, a lot of folks want either candidates because of tribal and religious sentiments, yet to some Boko Haram has become a nightmare they want to wake up and believe its not true, so they are ready to double vote for anyone who seems to tell them I'll make this over.

I cry for people who allow themselves be misled my the antics of our wicked politicians, religious or tribal differences have never been our problem rather our strength as a people. 

I can't just forget when my professor in school made a profound statement in my final year saying: "terrorism is now a new normal"; Anybody who wants to fit in this day should factor it in. I just couldn't come to terms with it, it was indeed a bitter pill to swallow and an unacceptable reality to accept. Terrorism is now a global order, it's so true, we can see it everywhere around us, and  the sad part of it is that it's not solved overnight. 

Any government that promises to solve this overnight has not really come to terms with reality or might be taking advantage of our innermost fears just to get our votes, so be aware. Almighty America suffered from the hands of Osama for several years, they were not left out in this and still isn't. Now it's almost impossible not to see a report of terrorism on news within 24 hours. Coming back home, "BokoHaram" cannot be stopped by guns, BH isn't just physical phenomenon but more mental, we only see the physical manifestation of their mental agenda. 

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