Thursday, 2 April 2015

Four Emirate Airline Staff Arraign For Stealing Nigerian Prince’s $1.6million

Four Emirates Airlines staff have been charged before of a Federal High Court in Lagos over an alleged theft of $1.6 million belonging to a Lagos businessman Prince Chu Ikem Orji.

Names of the accused staff includes: Abayomi Adekanbi Abiola, Isiaka Adegoke Adedeji, Awonubi Abayomi and George Ikpekhia. they were charged to court alongside Emirates Airlines, Pathfinders International Ltd and Nigeria Aviation Handling Company Ltd.

The accused persons were arraigned on eleven counts charge of stealing, fraud, obtaining money under false pretence, wilful destruction of evidence and failure to report an international transfer fund.

PHOTOS: See A New Car That Drives For 100 Years Before Refuelling

The new Thorium car, created by a company called Laser Power Systems, is completely emission-free, turbine-free, and is electricity generated. It’s one of the new sustainable-powered engines to show just how unnecessary modern day propulsion engines are and also offer an exciting and long lasting alternative to the world of our today.

This wonder car is designed to be fueled by nuclear thorium lasers, this engine only needs 8 grams of fuels every 100 years. Charles Stevens, the CEO and chairman of the Connecticut-based company, claims that one gram of thorium yields the energy of 7,500 gallons of gasoline.  Harnessed by heating the energy from an external source, the energy becomes so dense the molecules produce heat. A vehicle that needs refilling once in a lifetime.

We Have A Lot To Learn From Buhari, He Is Our "Abraham Lincoln" - Gani Adams

Gani Adams who has on several occasions openly opposed General Buhari before last Saturday’s presidential election, the Oodua Peoples Congress National Coordinator, Gani Adams has also given up, and has amended himself by sending a congratulatory message to the people’s General.  Adams didn’t just only congratulate him but compared him with the great Abraham Lincoln, saying we all have a lot to learn from him.
 “I wish to send my congratulations to the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, on his success in the recently-concluded presidential election. By his resounding success in the election across the country, General Buhari has proved that he is the choice of the people.

"We Are Different People With Different Stories".. Mercy Johnson Reveals Sustaining Her Marriage For 4 Years

In this new interview with Leadership Newspaper, actress Mercy Johnson has explained how she has been able to manage her marriage for four years without the common crisis like it is in most of her collegue in the movie industry. She also spoke about her first day at her husband’s house and how he asked her to cook to her greatest surprise and how she had to remind him she was MECRY JOHNSON. It as quite an interesting interview, do enjoy;

There is a general notion that actresses do not make good wives. Do you agree with this submission?

Well, I can only speak from my own perspective and when I say my perspective, I mean from my personal experiences, marriage and relationship with my husband. One of the biggest lies anyone can tell himself/herself is using one or more random experiences to judge and stereotype others. We all different and have our different stories to tell.

''We will Crush BOKO HARAM within A Short While'' - Buhari

President –Elect, Muhammadu Buhari has reassured that his administration will crush the Boko Haram militants within a very short while possibly in just two months of his assuming office. General Buhari spoke yesterday evening during an interview with Chris­tiane Amanpour of CNN, monitored in Lagos.

He said there is insecu­rity in the north-east and in the Niger Delta regions just as he explains:
 “we know how they started and where they are now and we will rapidly give attention to security in the country. And I believe we will ef­fectively deal with them in two months when we get into office.”... he sounded confidently.

Bring Back Life Into The Military Again.. Obasanjo Writes Buhari In an Advisory Letter

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo writes a letter to the President elect, Gen Buhari. In the letter, He emphasized on him bringing back into live the military who has raised them both.
"I hasten to congratulate you on your success and victory in the Presidential Elections of March 28, 2015. Your success and victory after three previous unsuccessful attempts must be great object lessons for you and for all politicians, particularly in Nigeria. For me, the totality of 2015 elections hold many lessons for our democracy and democratisation process, which are both maturing. 
On this occasion, the system has been unnecessarily overheated before and particularly during the campaigns when emphasis was more on trivialities and hate, divisive, undignifying and disrespectful statements and comments rather than on pressing issues requiring attention.  

Asari-Dokubo Issues New Threat - ''Buhari’s Victory might Force Us to Return to Militancy''

Former Niger-Delta militant, Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, says with the defeat of President Goodluck Jonathan, himself and fellow militants may be forced to return to the creeks.

Asari-Dokubo, who is known to have hails from the same state as Jonathan, said in a statement by his spokesperson "Rex Anighoro" according to PUNCH that, the voting pattern showed that the South-West and the North ganged up against the South-South and South-East geo-political zones. And it was unfair that the minorities were being emasculated by the majority ethnic groups.

He said he feared that the government of the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, would be barbrous... Asari-Dokubo said:

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