Wednesday, 18 February 2015

NEW VIDEO: Boko Haram Leader Shekau Vows to Disrupt Nigeria Election!!

Shekau's newly released video; talks about the election
Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has vowed to disrupt Nigeria's general election in a new video released today being Tuesday, after two suicide attacks in the northeast blamed on the Islamists killed 38 people.
"This election will not be held even if we are dead. Even if we are not alive Allah will never allow you to do it," Shekau said in the Hausa language, presumably referring to the polls scheduled for March 28.
According to AFP, the video appeared to be the first message to be released by the group on Twitter, a sign of its changing media tactics after previous messages were distributed to journalists on DVD.

PHOTOS: Flood disaster at Trade-Fare Today!!

Flooded  Trade-fare (Aspamda) this afternoon.
The scene pictured above shows the condition of Trade-fare region of lagos state today just after the heavy down pour of rain. the whole place was so messy with flood all over the place. this is said to have been the case for a while now whenever it rains. 

Something urgent needs to be done as this doesn't portray good sanitary image of the state and country in general. See more photos after the cut...

GRAPHIC PHOTO: Corpse of Val Day's Gang Rape Victim Discovered

A sel-reliant commuity of Imo state, in Aboh Mbaise Local Government known as "Umunneato" is made to face her moment of fear and dispair this year valentine season as the people of Umunneato discover of the nude corpse of a brutally raped lady in their community. 

Investigation made it known that the discovery was made a day after the world celebrated the famous Saint Valentine’s Day, at Okwu village.

Three Gay Guys gets Married Becoming the First Same Sex Marriage with 3 Partners

Marraige between 3 gay guys
For the first time in history Thailand has finally legalised marraige between the same sex and this time its going to be a mind blowing marraige between three gay guys. This weeding has it photos gone viral on the internet as people keep marvelling at this strange kind of union.

The three men are by the names; Joke, Bell and Art... quite funny right? as said earlier this photo hs gone viral on all social media with facebook  and twitter take the lead percentage as the pic has been reshared severally. it is also incredible to know that alot of people have been congratulating them ever since.

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