Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Air China Flight Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Sucidal Woman On Board Claimed to Have a Bomb on Board

An Air China flight was forced to make an Emergency landing after the air crew were threatened by a woman who was allegedly to be in possesion of a bomb on board.

The aircraft with the flight number; CA1336 routing from Nanning to Beijing was forced to land at Chongqing. The whole senerio was sparked up after the woman reported to a staff claiming that she has a bomb on board for the sake of her suicide intention.

She said she decided to end it all after been told by her boyfriend that it was over, and that she had no longer any reason to live.

When the aircraft finally landed, the airbus A321-200 was welcomed by police, ambulances and fire engines. The plane landed safely as there was no crash nor any sustainance of injury(s). Upon the landing, officer found no such implicating device(s) meaning that the woman only raised a false alarm.

The question is why would she create such a scene... trust us with more update as it unfolds!

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