Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Eddie Ray Routh; Sentenced to Life in Prison for The murder of American sniper Chris Kyle

Eddie Ray Routh Sentenced to Life in Prison for murder
A texas jury has just found Eddie Ray Routh guilty of the murder of American Navy Seal (American Sniper) “Chris Kyle” and as a result has been sentenced to life in prisonment without parole.

The persecutor’s defence lawyer claims that his client “Routh” was psychotic as at the time of the shootings; two years ago. Chris Kyle who was brought to time-light with the film he wrote: “American Sniper” having retired from the military, helping other veterans deal with combat-related stress and mental health issues.

Chris Kyle
“American Sniper” the film based on Kyle’s memoir of his four tours of duty in Iraq was nominated for the best film at the Oscars this year. Kyle was most blessed with record of having the most recorded kills of any American sniper.  

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