Saturday, 21 March 2015

NEW EBOLA CASE IN LIBERIA: Woman dies After 20 days Of National WHO Quarantine

Liberia had hoped to be declared Ebola-free in April, but not with this relapsed case of the deadly desease again.

Liberia has just confirmed a new case of Ebola, undermining growing hopes in the country that it might soon be declared free of the disease. The World Heath Organization requires 42 days to elapse from the last known case before a country can be declared free of the virus.

There had not been a new case for 20 days now not until a woman tested positive on thursday in the capital, Monrovia. She passed away on friday weakening Liberia disease-free hopes.  

Record has it that over 4,000 people have died in Liberia from the disease.

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PHOTOS: Former Speaker Patricia Etteh Graduates from Buckingham University

Retired Hon. Patricia Etteh, Nigeria’s first female Speaker of the House of Representatives, was at a time accused of attempting to steal, tagged an ‘illiterate hair dresser and all sort,’ but today, she is a proud Law graduate from Buckingham University. Here is she rejoicefully cutting a cake at her graduation party yesterday. "You like? smiles.."

Mrs. Etteh was evicted from her leadership position in the House of Representatives during a blistering scandal in October, 2007. Barely four months after she was ‘consentiently’ voted into leadership of the House, her colleagues turned on her and demanded that she step down from her 
exalted position following accusations of corruption within her office.

Moments of Emotion... As Chris Brown Gets Officially Off Probation

Finally Chris Brown can put his 2009 attack on Rihanna behind him, at least legally. Cos yesterday, Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin ended his felony probation, more than six years after the R&B singer brutally attacked his then-girlfriend hours before the Grammy Awards..

Chris Brown was just 19 years old when he attacked Rihanna in a rented sports car after leaving a pre-Grammy Awards party. Brown fled the scene but turned himself in to police hours later and was subsequently charged with felony assault. 

Boko Haram Leaves Mass of Throat-slit Corpses near Nigerian Town of Damasak

Soldiers from Niger and Chad who liberated the Nigerian town of Damasak from Boko Haram militants have discovered the bodies of at least 70 people, many with their throats slit, scattered under a bridge.

According to Reuters, in what appeared to be an execution site for the Islamist group, the bodies were scattered beneath the concrete bridge on one of the main roads leading out of the town. At least one was beheaded. The bodies were partially dried up by the desert air, while grass has began to grow around the corpses, suggesting that the killings had taken place a while ago.

Heart Broken "Seyi Law" Speaks About his Baby Loss in New Interview

"Seyi Law"... a very pronounced comedy master; at least that is what we all know him for and he is pretty good at it. i'm sure it must have been very hard for him to crack jokes or go to shows like his job demands. 

Sad moments proceed the unfortunate lost of his unborn child recently And for the first time since the incident, the humour merchant opened up to Saturday Beats about how he felt when he lost his daughter. All of this and more in his recent chat with Saturday Beats. Proceed to the interview after the cut...

AGN Crisis: Emeka Ike Gives Ibinabo 24 Hours to Vacate Seat

Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has reacted to the removal of  Ibinabo Fiberesima, as president of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

The actor, who has always been against Ibinabo’s enthronement as the guild leader, announces that he gives Ibinabo not more than 24 hours to apologise to the guild and vacate her seat or face being dragged to court again for contempt. Speaking on the threat of appeal made by the seating president Emeka puts forward that she has no case and points out what it entails to effect an appeal. He lashed out:  "See after the cut..."

Rap Top-Star Knight Collapses in Court after Judge Sets $25m Bail in Murder Case

Death Row Records co-founder Marion "Suge" Knight fainted in a Los Angeles courtroom today after hearing a judge set his bail at $25 million over a "murder" plus "hit-and-run case".

This marked the second medical emergency the 49-year-old former CEO has suffered during his legal proceedings in a little more than a month. Several deputies rushed to his aid after he collapsed in his seat after which  he was later taken to a hospital for sure check-up.

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