Saturday, 21 March 2015

Heart Broken "Seyi Law" Speaks About his Baby Loss in New Interview

"Seyi Law"... a very pronounced comedy master; at least that is what we all know him for and he is pretty good at it. i'm sure it must have been very hard for him to crack jokes or go to shows like his job demands. 

Sad moments proceed the unfortunate lost of his unborn child recently And for the first time since the incident, the humour merchant opened up to Saturday Beats about how he felt when he lost his daughter. All of this and more in his recent chat with Saturday Beats. Proceed to the interview after the cut...

“It is an experience I don’t want to share but at the point when we lost the child, I could not talk to my wife because as of that time, I had a lot running through my head. I was wondering how I could console her. I am somebody who loves writing, so I decided to write something to celebrate the baby and make other people encourage me. I know that God is there and he would see us through but sometimes you are weak and you need somebody to pull you out of the gloomy mood. That was why I posted the message on the internet and a lot of encouragement poured in. 

It was so emotional, encouraging and soul lifting when you see people who you have not met tell you that they have passed the same road and they were able to overcome and mine would not be different. When you hear people pray for you, it makes you know that your case is in the presence of God and He is going to do something fast about it,” he said.

When asked what led to the death of his daughter, the comedian almost broke down, pleading that he could not divulge such information because his wife is still recovering from their loss.
“I don’t really want to go into much detail because my wife is healing fast and I think it would be insensitive of me because I don’t want a situation whereby she would be reading all those things on the pages of the newspaper. 

I just want to tell people that it has been four years that we have been married and that was going to be our first baby just to let people understand how sensitive it was to us. For a woman who has had to go through the pain for over eight months only for you to discover that you are not going to be dancing around with the baby is so painful. I don’t want to get too emotional but I think people would understand if I don’t elaborate on what went wrong,” he said.

Seyi law and Boo..

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