Sunday, 8 March 2015

KINGDOM REALITIES: The Revolution Nigeria Craves - Part Two

Welcome back Friends...  BH has said in our "last episode" is an ideology and can be stopped with a higher ideology. Their leader was killed in 2009, it only made them stronger. Capturing their leader now won't end it either, they will yet have another (to get proper clarification and understanding on this watch out for a series on; "Nigeria and Terrorism" coming up soonest on KINGDOM REALITIES, you can't afford to miss out on that).

 My point here is that its just a bitter truth, we'll still be here with terrorism for a while, it can't be stopped overnight, what make people get to a point of blowing themselves up as suicide bombers isn't a day job and it's not the matter of money, it's an AGENDA with a well crafted IDEOLOGY to brainwash innocent people who are victims of life's circumstances, don't expect the next administration to put a final end to it within a 4 years term, lest you'll be disappointed. I'm not a prophet of doom, truth must just be said.

After series of musings I realized how much we have put everything in the wrong place, which is politics. Politics can't best solve most of our problems. I saw the outrageous amount politicians collect as salaries a while ago and I wept.

There's a revolution we so desire, it is written all over our faces, but we seek it from the wrong place, people and with the wrong method. Like the words of my mentor, he'll say "Nigeria can never experience a political revolution, rather an economic revolution", also like the words of my professor in school; "Entrepreneurship is the most powerful economic force known to human kind". These two quotes confirmed the solution to Nigeria's lasting problem.

Friends I submit to you that neither GEJ or GMB can solve our problems, our problems are bigger than them, they can only use themselves as a means to help us solve our own problems by ourselves. It's time we look into economic revolution - which I simply call "taking power away from government houses and putting them on the streets", what I call an entrepreneurial revolution. 

Taking a closer zoom on Nigerians I see a people full of contempt, people that can easily adapt to situations, a people of high enthusiasm for life, we are deep in poverty yet enjoy our well laid beds at night, that cup of garri brings relief not just to the hungry but a laboured man in the hot of the day, we are a people full of hope, we believe tomorrow will be better even if we can't trace it... I can go on and on. 

When I saw the last revolution in Ukraine, I was blown away seeing the resilience of the people at every torture and discomfort. I realized Nigerians can't do this, we can't leave the comfort of our houses for days, weeks, perhaps months just to fight for what we believe is right. An Igbo man worries about his business and can't wait to have it opened, a Yoruba man is fearful and worries about his family, we just have a way of creating our own comfort zone around what we cherish. 

The Ukrainians were ready to die and a lot of them did, no normal average Nigerian wants to die. I knew the last protest against fuel subsidy removal in Lagos won't last long. Nigerians can't fight like that, yet we are resilient people who knows how to fight. It's time to pick up fight peculiar to us as a people, a fight we best know how to, this time it's a mental fight. 

Youths it's time to build more capacity from within and be responsible to our nation, I see a time ahead where people will be begged to contest for political offices, just because it won't be lucrative again.

Watch out for Yet the concluding Episode of this talk... till then stay blessed!!

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