Friday, 13 March 2015

VIDEO: Gov. Fashola Blames Success of Yesterday's Lekki Robbery On Pres. Jonathan's Visit

In regards to the robbery of yesterday, Lagos state Governor Babatunde Fashola says President Jonathan's visit to the state that very yesterday was the reason why the robbery attack in Lekki Phase1 was successful.

According to him, all the vehicles the state government bought to patrol the state was stationed to protect the President on arrival. He said this during the Buhari meet the Entertainers Programme in Lagos yesterday 12th March.
"Today is a very sad day because this afternoon we lost three policemen to the robbery in Lekki and it was the first of its kind in a long time. And I also know as they say {that perhaps what will be would have been} but it was sad to see all our security vehicles deployed to protect one man.  
All the vehicles we bought for the police were stationed to receive the President in Lagos while the citizens were left vulnerable. Those policemen have children. Their mothers will be made to explain to them why daddy is not coming home. May their souls rest in peace" he said. 
We have the video just after the cut...

FIGHTING PIRACY: AY Makun Says NCC Demanding Bribe From Him

Oh mine!! Comedian Ayo Makun popularly know as "AY" has made it known that some officials of the Nigerian Copyrights Commission "NCC" are demanding bribe from him before they can help in arresting pirates of his 30 Days in Atlanta movie.

 His work has been pirated and are presently on the streets making him run at loss. An upset AY who spoke out his grievance on the telephone during a radio programme "City BON Box Office" said;
“I have called NCC and some of their officials are asking for mobilization fee in other to arrest the pirates and I wonder what is going on if a government parastatal is demanding for money to do their duties,” he stated.
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FIFA Expels Zimbabwe From The 2018 World Cup For Failing To Pay Coach

Zimbabwe has a country has been expelled from the 2018 World Cup due to their failure to pay the former coach Jose Claudinei Georgini. Football's world governing body Fifa said in a statement it had taken the action "as a result of the non-payment of an outstanding debt".

The governing body also added that Zimbabwe's Football Association (Zifa) has failed to make the payments despite a grace period given to them, hence the reason for their suspension. Wow!! see discipline in football.

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ISIS has Accepted Boko Haram's Pledge of Allegiance

In an audio message supposedly from an ISIS spokesman, the group announced that a pledge of allegiance from Nigerian-based Boko Haram has been accepted by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The 28-minute message, according to CNN, was posted online by ISIS supporters. And it says that:
  The caliphate or Islamic State has expanded to western Africa and so we congratulate our jihadi brothers there.“We announce to you the good news of the expansion of the caliphate to West Africa because the caliph… has accepted the allegiance of  our brothers of the Sunni group for preaching the jihad,” 
IS spokesman "Mohammed al-Adnani" said in the message, using the Arabic name of the Nigerian terror group. "Abu Mohammed al Adnani" encouraged people to join fighters in Africa if they cannot make it to Iraq or Syria.

See Exclusive Photos From The Fatal Accident in Abuja This Morning!

A fatal accident occurred at Nicon Junction in Abuja this morning. This accident is so fatal that the car involved was total crashed flat, you can imagine.

A trailer lost its brake and suddenly crashed into a car killing a passenger in the car and also a passer-by. Good Samaritans came out to the rescue of injured victims before Road Safety Intervened. RIP to the dead. See more photos from the scene after the cut...

Smoking & Drinking: Go And Correct Your Family Members First Before Correcting Me, Olamide Lashes Out

I think some people aren't seeing any good from the famous native rapper afterall... smiles! They think Olamide is a bad role model for smoking and drinking everywhere and even to the extent that he doesn't even hide that anymore in his videos. Olamide made a post in that regard. Surprisely, almost immediately he posted some of his fans came after him, calling him out for being a bad role model, for smoking in the photo and indicating he has been drinking.

Olamide who was however upset over their comments went ahead and made another post asking them to go ahead and correct their family members who smoke and drink first before correcting him and ended the warning with, no disrespect.

More Photos from the Armed Robbery Attack at Lekki Phase1 Yesterday

Four people were killed yesterday after a gang of armed robbers invaded the branch of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) at Plot B, Waterfront Plaza, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos state.

According to a witness, the four people were said to be three police escorts of a passing civilian Coaster bus and a fish seller. The robbers, numbering at least 12, had arrived a few minutes before 5pm via a boat and immediately began firing gunshots into the air in an operation that lasted not less than 25 minutes.

The Popular Bariga Rain Oil Filing Station Traced To Olamide

Lolz,.. yeah it shouldn’t be always about their negative sides, when they do good let’s report it too.

 So the popular rain oil filling station by Ladilak Bus stop at Bariga where some of you have bought fuel before has been traced to Olamide. Lets leave the word "trace", Olamide owns the filling station.

 According to some trusted sources, they say the rapper spends a lot, but what his mom has thought him is for him to invest wisely, which he has started doing. We are so happy for him. Olamide... Omo mummy!! smiles.

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Okagbare Slams Jonathan’s Campaign Group For Using Her Image To Campaign

Retiring athlete "Blessing Okagbare" has spoken out against the use of her image and footage by a body said to be working for President Goodluck Jonathan who is also the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate, without seeking her consent.

The advertorial by GoodHouse Nigeria tagged GEJ Okagbare, which has been running on various electronic media in Nigeria and also on Youtube, the athlete said it was wrong for anyone to 
use her image or footage for a presidential campaign without seeking her approval. The PUNCH comfirmed one of such videos on YouTube which expressively had the Commonwealth Games gold medallist in action. The video details achievements made by the government especially around the Nigerian railway system.

Okagbare who confirmed her displeasure over the development via Twitter from her base in Los Angeles, USA, on Thursday said that her attention was drawn to the advertorial by friends and relatives in Nigeria about two months back.

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