Wednesday, 25 February 2015

PHOTOS: Born Again Mafia Boss Arrested by Police After Baptism

The video to his baptism ended up on YouTube and had him exposed to the police authorities... Mafia boss, "Montella Ruso Anthonio" who has been stated wanted, has been arrested after he gave his life to christ and was baptised. 

As part of the ceremonial occasion to wash away sin, he was taken into the sea off the Italian coast of Pinetamare and got immersed under the water by the priest.

But when police saw the video posted online by the pastor, they were able to identify the region, and the pastor, from which they were able to quickly capture Montella by finding out from other member of the parish where he was staying; in the commune of Villaricca near Naples.

He had gone on the run after being convicted and jailed of being a Mafia boss and for drug trafficking

Parishioner Adelmo Iadanza said: "He seemed like a nice man, I am sure there must have been a mistake. He kept himself very much to himself, but was always in church at the weekend."

Police said he would remain in custody before being sent back to the capital Rome to start his five-year jail term that has been suspended while he was on the run. 

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