Monday, 2 March 2015

THE FAMILY EARNEST PURSUE: Parental Influence On Young Minds - Part3

To the concluding part of our talk on Parental Influence on Young minds is discussion that reflects the corrective measure and mandate of parents that have hope of a future for their children or child; as the case may be. 

In our last discussion, talking about INFORMAL TRAINING of a child, we mentioned that a child/children who finds it so difficult to help or assist their parents… has gone wayward and all these are happening because some people failed in their responsibilities; especially the parents that aren’t there for their children.

Parents!!!  Create time to sit down with your children, discuss with them to know who they are, their friends and the type of friends they watch on T.V, what they surf on the computer via the internet, the kind of films they go out to watch and likewise the kind of novels they read.

Parents have a lot of influence over their children. Parents who want to have peace and rest of mind in their old age must invest into their children when they are young.

FORMAL TRAINING – This has to do with education received from formal institutions and schools; all the way from Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary, secondary up to the tertiary education institution. Apart from this we also have what we call the VOCATIONAL TRAINING. And this has to do with learning of your job or trade under an informal setting. 

It is in most case an option taken as alternative to formal training. Hence, people learn trades such as Hairdressing, Barbing, Car or bike mechanic, Carpentry and electrical work, etc. all these work learnt outside the formal institution.

Both the formal and informal training are important in the bringing up of a child, they help in shaping their future and assist the child in discovering him or herself. 

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