Monday, 2 March 2015


I found myself in a market place, oh! This market was so busy, many people were trying to buy,  while some trying to sell, some rendering services, while others were rushing just to be rendered  services. All this was just to earn a living and not to be left behind in the market square. 

I was  amazed to see these men busy that so many of them have forgotten they have a home, oh! what  a shame! It saddens to also see some men yet idle in this busy market place! Who are these ones idle in the market place? I ask. Why are they sitting down with their legs crossed, moping at each other very early in the morning? I didn’t stop asking. 

A reasonable man should leave his house in the morning to a market place at least for a reason, I commented. Beholding them again, I noticed they were all mourning, most of them have wounded hearts, fetters in their hands, chattered souls, etc  and have also giving up on earning a living.

I cried bitterly seeing their complicated state, feeling there is nothing I could do.
Who will bind these ones?
Who will fix these wounded hearts?
Who will hire these ones?
Who will lift up these weary hands that hangs down?

 I didn’t stop asking, but no one answered me; everyman seems busy minding his own business. After a little while my attention was caught by the weary and dilapidated structure of the market, I screamed immediately; "the  market is going down!", but again everybody was too busy to hear me.

What would I do? I  never  stop wondering, in no time I was amazed when I saw a piece of land no man hath found, the land  was lying fallow and desolate. I got more confused, what will I do? I sat down crying…

Then a thought came, and it occurred to me I could do something. Yes! I got it, I will build a repairer's shop here on this fallow ground, then I will fix all these chattered minds and broken hearts and also incase there will be any other. Then they will build the scattered, corrupt, busy and dilapidated market square. The market square will stand and be in order and no man will be idle again!


Let’s show some love and concern! That’s all we need to make the world a better place.

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