Wednesday, 1 April 2015

NOTICE: To all Duisaf's Blog Readers

This has been the latest challenges face by our lovely readers and we want nothing to stop the fun we get from been a part of this blog.

We are using this medium to tell you all that we have in plan alot of interective and fun packed ideas that will be brought into light very soon, and also a time when we will be giving back to our blog readers in recharge cards, give away gifts and cash prizes; so stay glued to the blog that provides the best informative, rewarding and yet educative privilege.

God bless you!!... letz meet again at the comment box!!! winks.

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  1. yes o!! i'm glad u'r able to help us out about this commenting of a thing, weldone duisaf

  2. ok duisaf... thanks for the updates during the election, i really enjoyed every moment of it

  3. kudus bro.. i've been try to comment along time ago, but i could. thought you don't need comments on your blog

    1. We're all glad we have alternatives, tnks for been a part of duisaf's blog

    2. We're all glad we have alternatives, tnks for been a part of duisaf's blog

  4. Emmanuel Abiona1 April 2015 at 13:19

    Apart from Channels TV who were on deck to update us on #Nigeria2015, the only blogspot who run shoulder with Channels was duisaf blogspot. Thanks for the update, looking forward to that of the gubernatorial election. Great work

    1. Baba o! I dey feel u bro... My head down swell die!! Tnks man.


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