Tuesday, 14 April 2015

TO OUR RELIGIOUS BIGOTS- Buhari Appoints Pastor Tunde Bakare to Head Transition Commitee

To our religious bigots, Buhari; the president elect's first step towards islamizing Nigeria is the appointing of Pastore tunde bakare of Later Rain to head transition commitee.

This goes to my dear brethrens that do not want to see anything good in GMB, I hope we can all see the first step of GMB towards the islamization of our nation. God's ways are totally different from our ways and His thoughts are totally different too. The day we stop see ourselves as a christain or muslim, yoruba, igbo or hausa will obviously be the beginning of greatness for our country Nigeria.

Bakare was Buhari's running mate during the 2011 general elections. Buhari at the weekend had hinted that only credible Nigerians would make up the transition committee, as part of the first steps to chart an entirely new path for the country.

The Transition   committee is expected to  meet with a similar committee from the presidency on the handover from the Goodluck Jonathan administration to the incoming Buhari  government

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