Friday, 20 March 2015

Singer Blasts Kanye West over Indecent Exposure of Wife, Kim Kardashian

Kanye West has always been cool with having his wife exposing her nakedness on the media all over, making all sort of immoral poses for the whole world to see. Recently he even tweeted 7 photos of her nude body using captions like ''Swish, I'm so lucky'' to celebrate her and especially for her reaching 30 million followers on Twitter. And that's because according to Kanye, his wife's body is revolutionary, so he encourages it be more exposed in the name of art.

Well, R&B crooner Tank thinks it's totally wrong and came for Kanye during a recent interview. The singer was a guest on the ‘Have a Seat Talk Show’ and during the show’s ‘Golden Chair’ segment, where celebrity guests are basically allowed to call out other celebs they feel should “have a seat,” Tank told the show's hosts that he is reaching out to Kanye... for allowing indecent exposure of wife Kim. Tank said:

As much as I am a fan of this guy, I think he definitely deserves this golden chair. I’ma go [with] Kanye. 

I just want to know, how many pictures of Kim are we going to put out there with barely no clothes on? I just want to know- how many pictures of your wife, with a baby, how much - like, you know what I'm saying?

At a certain point, we all have to grow up and we have to be examples to our children. Alright? Let's stop putting this married woman's assets all over the place. 
As a man, when I get married, I'm not putting my wife's assets out on the blogs for people. That is mine, and should solely belong to me! 

That's where my face goes. My face. I don't want any other person imagining their face or any other extracurricular with my wife. 

What's your take  on this?

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