Friday, 20 March 2015

Boko Haram Stronghold "The Butcher" Escapes

A Boko Haram commander has escaped arrest in Kaduna State, Pulse reports. The suspect, identified as Muhammed Mai "The Butcher" managed to get away after a raid on his supposed hideout in the Ugwan Dosa area of the state.

He was said to have changed location to Kaduna after anti-terrorist operations chased him out of Borno State, he is a Boko Haram stronghold.

Mai is said to have escaped the authorities through a hidden exit with his wife.

“When we asked after his children, he said they were in school somewhere in the North-East and we discovered that he was always travelling and we never suspected any foul play until we started hearing gunshots in the night,” a source told Punch regarding the suspect’s activities.

Security agents have reportedly arrested the owner of the property for further investigation into the matter.

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