Sunday, 15 March 2015

THE FAMILY EARNEST PURSUE: Maximizing Your Singleness - Part One

To "maximize" simply means to increase one’s position to the optimum level possible, in other wards to make the best use of one’s singleness.

The second word that is of importance is "singleness". This is a period that signifies you as a bachelor or a spinster (i.e) someone who is yet to get married. It is essentially good to maximize our singleness because of the importance of that period in a man’s life. God has never made any mistake creating man and the different periods of his development. 

Each season of every man or woman’s life has an important role to play in his or her life for there is time for every purpose and a season for every activity – a time to produce, a time to put in some actions, do something for your personal life, a time to act and respond to certain things in life. If you refuse to respond positively, you will bear the repercussion. 

Singlehood is a time to lay a good foundation for one’s life. If any fails at this time to make God the foundation of his life, he will ultimately fail to make it in life. A man who wants to be successful in life will not be sleeping when he is supposed to go to school or to learn a trade, so that later in life when he sees his mate making it, he will have no cause to complain or look for shortcut to riches.

A weak foundation cannot support a solid structure. You have to understand that the period of your singleness is a delicate one as it determines not just your own future but that of a nation and may affect the future generation. When you fail to maximize your singleness in the way of the lord, you are laying a wrong foundation for yourself. 

The type of foundation that you lay determines the type of structure that will stand on it. When you fail to do what is right and proper, you will have yourself to blame.  This is very important, its like when a farmer is suppose to plant, but he decides to watch for when the rain will start and stop. He sleeps all the time watching and waiting for when the season will be right for him to make ridges. 
If there is not good planning of his time his singlehood would be in vain. The single period is a time to plan for your future.

To be continued.....

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