Saturday, 21 February 2015

KINGDOM REALITIES: "…As We Hit The Polls" - Part Two

Written by: Afolabi Oladapo

Hope you enjoyed our last talk? To relief you of your anciousness comes this concluding session of the poll and the mandate that awaits us.

So who should be involved in politics? A righteous man, if you are one then get involved. I have seen churches denounce publicly their involvements with politics… forgive me if churches is all you hear me say, I am a Christian and know much about Christianity than any other religion, maybe the mosques would have been all I would have mentioned if I was a Muslim. You should be involved in politics! The churches should endorse any VERIFIED candidate IF they have one, we all should make sure we have our PVCs and we should make sure we cast our votes. That’s the power we’ve got!

Zooming in on the forthcoming presidential election in March, we have two major candidates under the flag of the PDP and APC collectively, it’s a major election that has the capacity to make things good or worse than bad for Nigeria. It’s not an election we should toy with. Both parties doing all they can to convince us they are worthy of our votes. The PDP shouting “TRANSFORMATION” while the APC “CHANGE”. If you do your little research, you’ll realize those words mean the same thing. To a lot of Nigerians PDP have failed us, will APC have the capacity to do better? Can we encourage PDP if they’ll do better? Who says it has to be PDP or APC in the first place? I need us to think deeply through these.

 I will never be right to tell you who to vote, all I want to let you know is that you need to vote for whoever you want to vote for, for the right reasons. Vote for someone you have profiled to be better, based on integrity, uprightness, experience, competence and all virtues required to make Nigeria  a better place. You will never be right to vote for someone on the basis of religion or tribal sentiments at the expense of the above virtues. As Nigerians, we are strong in diversities and we need to respect other peoples diversities. If GMB is the man you feel can do it and you are a Christian, why not vote for him? And if its GEJ and you are a Muslim, why not vote for him?

Don’t be deceived dear friends, religion isn’t our problem in Nigeria, neither is it tribal differences, those diversity have only made us stronger! Our problem is lack of values, which have resulted into bad politics, insurgency and many more all around us. Politics in itself isn’t bad, we just have bad people running ours in Nigeria, till we are ready to make the change we want with our hands things won’t change. Don’t believe politicians who have said religion is our problem, they are only manipulating us to their advantage. 

(you can’t be sure GEJ is a Christian just because of his name, you can’t also be sure himself and GMB are not best of friends, if they know where they meet behind the scene) We don’t know them till they are given the mantle of leadership, don’t believe all their lies at various campaigns. It’s time we use our heads as Nigerians and make a decision best for the interest of our country and for the sake of posterity. Politics is a game of numbers and God won’t come down from heaven to vote for us, he will use the PVCs in our hands, so let’s keep praying and be ready to vote.

Whoever wins play a huge role in the future you desire so much! My dear friends and youths, it’s time we take our destiny by our own hands, let’s say NO to politicians who wants to use us as a vise for violence, let them use their own children. Do not vote for religion, neither for tribal sentiments or monetary gratification, please vote for competence. God bless you. God bless Nigeria. See to it you get your PVC and ensure you exercise your franchise. This elections means a lot to God because we mean a lot to Him.

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