Thursday, 19 February 2015

KINGDOM REALITIES: "…As We Hit The Polls" - Part One

Written by: Afolabi Oladapo

Hello guys, I really have to write this because this is a matter than concern you and I directly, as if that’s not enough – it is what I believe also mean a lot to God. We find ourselves at a very crucial time where the nation is perplexed, confused, deceived, etc all because of the forthcoming elections. It’s not a very good one I must say.

A lot of us pray for the forth coming elections which is quite commendable, while others don’t even bother, “what will be will be” they’ll say.  Well, I believe we can influence what will be. I don’t also think praying alone can solve this massive problem we are faced with. Just in case you don’t know, we have politicians who want power desperately and can do anything to get it, we have people with faces of deceit, people who don’t care about anybody but themselves and their families, people whose heart is desperately wicked. Knowing who to vote for amid this height of deceit is quite the biggest challenge I think we are facing as a country.

Many questions keep popping up in my head, who really have the interest of this country at heart? Who can we trust with our lives again for the next four years? Do we have any candidate worthy of the office of the presidential candidate? How do we profile our senatorial and gubernatorial candidates? I HAVE TO SAY THIS EMPHATICALLY, I DO NOT SUPPORT PDP NEITHER DO I SUPPORT APC, I am just a free thinker. Lest you feel this piece is geared to campaign for somebody. 

Back to my floods of questions, have PDP done well enough at the presidential level and should they be giving another chance? Should we rather give APC a chance and see what can become of it? Well, I don’t think I have answers to all those questions, if you do, wonderful!!

Sorry if this is boring in case you don’t have flair for politics, I don’t also have, but I became very meticulous about it when I realized that my life and all heritage I want to leave behind for posterity depends on it. To me, it has become a matter of life and death. It’s no more a game of chance. 

Sadly the position religion has taken over politics have not done anything better, especially the church. The church believes in what I call the “withdrawal syndrome” they tell their members not to meddle with politics just because it is a dirty game. Oh yes! It is indeed a dirty game. Come to think of it, can dirt make dirt clean? Who then should make it a clean game? I feel its time righteous men find themselves involved with politics. 

Scripture says when the wicked rules the people will suffer, but when the righteous rule the people will rejoice. Note that righteousness has a lot to do with morality than religion, righteousness refers to an act of being upright, credible and justifiable.

To be continued....                       [It has just began, click HERE for the Part Two]

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