Saturday, 21 February 2015

TRUST or MADNESS? Breath-Stopping Moment Man Smashes Coconut on Wife's Throat with Machete

Stunt with mavel
So what do we call this... Trust or Madness??
This is a breath-stopping moment when a man smashes a coconut on his wife's throat with a machete. 

Wielding the huge knife, the man spins the weapon in the air countless times after which was brought down hard on the coconut, which was balanced between the woman's neck and chest. I just wonder what will be going through the mind of the people standing around watching... Well!! i guess i am only thinking aloud; because it takes a brave mind to have a look while this was going on.

Balashankar Budati often performs the death hold-up stunts with sticks, stones, knives and other sharp objects to entertain and satisfy the public views in his village, Chirala Mandal, in India and most times it is usually his wife "Bhramharamba" who is in the firing line when her husband gets up to show off his tricks. 

Guys, would you trust your wifey or hubby with such a stunt as this? Lol

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