Friday, 10 April 2015

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Buhari's Masterplan On Governing Nigeria

An NGO which believes in empowering deprived and voiceless Nigerians and also does financially support youth growth and development; took time out to speak to the General (the president elect) in an exclusive interview.

Discussions was focused on youth empowerment, insurgency, security and more. Malama Hafsatu Shinkafi, founder of 'I am change' got a rare one on one with the General and this is what he had to say:

· My leadership and government of the APC will not be left to a few, it will be inclusive.

· We will improve on agriculture and mining as this will help combat unemployment.

· We will develop a system of education that employs only qualified teachers.

· We will improve and increase support for entrepreneurs through foundation institutions and soft
   loans so they too can employ others.

· In the area of health, child labour we will introduce think tanks at all levels to swiftly address the
  challenging issues.

· As for security in the Nation, all security forces will be strengthened and quickly improved.

Now that we are aware of his 'masterplan', we must never forget these promises and hold him to it.... As responsible citizens who want nothing short of  a developed Nigeria, we must never fail to remind the in-coming administration about these promises


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