Monday, 9 March 2015

KINGDOM REALITIES: The Revolution Nigeria Craves - Part Three

Welcome to the conclusive episode of "The Revolution Nigeria Craves", sit back and enjoy the section... long waited for.

Politics is Nigeria is the most lucrative in the world, our politicians are well paid more than almighty  American politicians, have you wondered why everybody wants to end up in politics; musicians, journalists, lawyers etc?. America's power is on their streets, the most powerful people there are business men, far influential than politicians. 

Its time entrepreneurial bells ring aloud in every corner of this nation, it's time every of our graduates posses a mentality of; what can I contribute to the economy rather than what has the economy got for me, it's time every corporate entity throw their corporate social responsibilities into entrepreneurial empowerments for the youths, it's time the average Nigerian think of what I can produce than consume. 

I have made a up my mind never to consume if I don't produce. That spirit made China the biggest economy in the world today, making the Asian tigers threats to the European countries. They produce everything and we consume everything. It's sad that we import common "toothpick".

It's time for power to be on the streets, in your hands and in my hands, in our little contribution to the economy. Let's start producing what we need and render services, observation made it known that when an African especially Nigerian gets to Europe all we think is what can bring the next dollar, they'll always say "every dollar counts" so they get all the menial jobs around,  but when an Asian especially a Chinese get to Europe he ask what do they need, that's why the Asians own all the corner shops in america and the entire Europe. 

We must also create a culture of meeting needs not just because we want the next penny but because we desire to bring something to the table, that's how products and services are created. Government is privatizing everything, and it's so close. I believe in less than 10 years from now 90% if not more of all government parastatals will be privatized. Over the decades the private sector have been efficient while the public sector have struggled to be effective. 

The best thing the next government will do for us is set a platform for all these to work by being selfless, by frowning at importation, encourage production here, create an atmosphere where people are empowered to create and produce. These and many more should be your parameters for choosing a candidate. Join this move, that's our only way and it's a sure call.

Many thanks.
See you again soon.

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