Tuesday, 24 February 2015

VIDEO: Metrolink train strikes truck in Southern California

 A commuter train banged into an abandoned truck earliier today, causing a igneous derailment that injured dozens of people as three rail cars tumbled onto their sides northwest of Los Angeles.

A total number of 28 passengers were taken to the hospital, with four in critical injuries, according to the Oxnard Fire Department. "Glenn Frisbie" an eye witness who was driving to work and was sitted at an intersection about a block away when the train struck the truck. Hear what he has to say after the cut....

"I saw a bright flash, a big fireball and flames, flames going pretty high," he said.
Authorities were questioning the truck driver, whom they said left the truck on the tracks and was found several miles away after the crash.

For reason that are not yet clear for now, his truck was sitting on the tracks at a marked crossing around 5:44 a.m in the morning. as the train approached... fire officials said.

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