Sunday, 22 February 2015

THE FAMILY EARNEST PURSUE: Parental Influence on Young Minds- Part2

Hope you enjoy our last session? Welcome to another week yet on PARENTIAL INFLUENCE ON YOUNG MINDS but we shall be focusing more today about TRAINING THE CHILD, lets hit the nail in the head and face frankly issues that may MAKE or MAR the lives of our children.

It was made known in our last discussion that youths can be trained to put their strength into use for God, men; which can be their parents or generally for generations to come. Talking about training, there are two types of training that can be given to a child; “the formal and informal training”.

A lot of parents have no time for their children and they believe in only giving them the formal training which is taking them to school, leaving out the home training which carries equal or rather more weight as the formal education or training. Hence, the high rate of moral decadence in Nigeria and other natons of the world.

The formal training is a form of training where children are given both moral and spiritual training. Moral training gives the child the kind of character that makes him fit in into the society. This type of training is not organized or structured but it is rather given consciously or unconsciously parents or other agents of learning.

The child learns to keep the norms, rules and regulations of the society. If he is well brought up, he becomes a good (law abiding) citizen of the nation but in our society today, moral training is going into extinction as children are rather exposed to injustice, child-abuse, rape, and lust. Many grow up listening to their parents discuss in the act of corruption, so they see nothing wrong with it all. They find it difficult to greet or show respect to their elders, even to assist their parents they find it so difficult. 

Some of them will even tell you “I don’t want my mates to see me carrying things for my mum, should this be so?

To be continued….

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