Tuesday, 17 February 2015

THE FAMILY EARNEST PURSUE: Parental Influence on Young Minds- Part1

You are welcome to an influential series as this, which is focused at bringing unto reality the perfection of God in respect to us as individuals [a Child, Adolescent or Adult], Family and Society at large. It helps our individual minds to spot our very identity and be reckoned with our mandates.

This is our first episode of its kind on Duisaf’s Blog and will focus on parental influence on young minds or children.

Who is a young man or Lady? He/She is a person in his or her flower age. Flower is the most beautiful part of a plant. A young age is a time when a man is full of strength, vitality, energy, wisdom and understanding in any area of life bubbling with ideas and potentials; the most adventurous period of man’s life.

The period in the life of a young man or lady is very crucial because it is a time that can be termed “the strength of a man”. Young people should therefore understand the significance of this period in their lives. They must know its peculiarities if they are to fulfill destiny.

The parent must invest wisely into the lives of these young people because they are at this period. The early part of this age is known as the adolescent period when children build up their characters from their parents. If the parents are not there they may imbibe a wrong character which will invariably affect their youthful age.

Any parent who does not take care of the young in his care is already preparing for doom. In our society today, those who are in power use the vibrant young people to perpetuate their vision because of their strength. Therefore youth can be put into right use for God, men, parent and for generations and generations’ unborn if the society can give them the right training and attention.

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