Thursday, 26 March 2015

THE FAMILY EARNEST PURSUE: Maximizing Your Singleness - Part Two

MAXIMIZING YOUR SINGLENESS has been to us a eye-opening topic, aiming at us to see that the stage of our lives as singles is one that is very delicate and if not adequately nurtured aright, might just grant us the biggest regret of our lives.

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A woman’s singlehood is a time to search, but some fail in doing that hence incur nothing. How do you seek or search to find the right spouse, this we will discuss later. God commands us to work when there is time because there will be a time when you will not be able to search. Rather, you will be pre-occupied with a lot of responsibilities and needs.

Singleness is a time to keep and a time to retain knowledge. It is a time of hard work. An adage says “hard work is faster”.

When you are single what does it mean? When you are single you can do a lot to equip yourself, increase in knowledge, widen your scope, keep track of experience, know your strength and weakness. It is a time when you can help yourself and learn how to also help others so that when you get into marital life, it will not become a problem as it is in the life of some married men and women.

Singleness is an opportunity in one’s life and this comes but once in life. Any opportunity lost at such time would rarely be regained. Therefore it is good for the singles to know what they stand for at this period of their lives.

A lot of people who have failed to maximize their youth often regret it because the day of trouble came in their lives and they found no pleasure in how they spent their singleness.  The sun is at its best for you now, your light is shinning; you are at your best. Wisdom and strength are prevailing in your activities. You are dynamic; all these characteristics must be deployed for your own good.

Yet another Episode coming...

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