Wednesday, 18 March 2015

STRANGE!! White House Receives Envelope Filled with Cyanide

An envelope sent to the White House earlier this week has tested positive for cyanide, the Secret Service announced on Tuesday.

 According to them, on Monday, an envelope that contains an 'unknown milky substance, poured in a container wrapped in a plastic bag, showed up at the White House Mail Screening Facility. Though initial biological test conducted yielded negative results, but after a chemical testing, it resulted "presumptively positive" for cyanide on Tuesday. Secret Service spokesman "Brian Leary" in a statement to CNN said the sample was transported to another facility to confirm the results and that the Secret Service will have no further comment because the investigation is still in progress.

 There were no injuries or exposure concerns for the person at the mail sorting facility who opened the letter, added a law enforcement official. An alert identified the return address on the envelope as that of a man with a previous history of incidents with the Secret Service dating back to 1995, Intercept reports. The man allegedly once sent a package to the White House covered in feaces and urine. And in a 2012, the man sent yet another package to the White House containing mini-alcoholic beverages.

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