Tuesday, 3 March 2015

PHOTOS: Boko Haram Beheads Two Young Men For Spying in New Video

Scene where Boko Haram beheads two young men
Another unpleasant scene was released by the Bokoharam sect on twitter yesterday unfolding the beheading processof two young men accused of being spies for the Nigerian Police Authority.

The two men simply disclosed as Dawoud Muhammad & Muhammad Awlu, were led by Boko Haram militants to a forest where they were made to kneel and confess their 'offenses' to the camera. 

In his confession, Muhammad (right) said: i was a farmer from Baga but i was approached by a police officer who offered me money in exchange to spy Boko Haram. "We went to see a man from Mijka and a police officer that was with him. The officer gave me 5,000 Naira"... Muhammad tells the camera.

He said their mission was to spy on Boko Haram, and in exchange, he will get a lot of money and will never go back to being a farmer anymore. After the confessions, the militants beheaded both men and placed their severed heads on their chest. See more photos below...

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