Thursday, 5 March 2015

Awful Moment U.S. Ambassador To South Korea Was Slashed In The Face By knife-Wielding Activist

A terrific image has been recieved showing the gaping wound inflicted on the U.S. ambassador to South Korea's face after a furious activist cut it open with a knife. Mark Lippert now needs 80 stitches to fix the damage caused by the attack in broad daylight haven attended a breakfast meeting yesterday morning in Seoul. 

The attacker inflicted cuts on the ambassador; firstly on the right cheek, then the left wrist and other parts of his body, but State Department says the injuries are non-life-threatening and as such he is said to be in stable condition after undergoing minor surgeries at a nearby hospital.

According to a Korean media report, someone yelled "North Korea and South Korea should be unified" and "no to war training!" before the Ambassador left  the Sejong performing-arts centre around 7:40am.

A 55-year-old "pro-North Korea activist" name Kim Ki-jong, believed to be the attacker was however seized and arrested immediately after he inflicted the attack.

South Korean Prime Minister, Lee Wan-koo, after the attack said, "It is regrettable that an incident like this took place." He said so regrettably.

Picture show the deep cut on US Ambassador's face

Table stained with the ambassadors blood
The ambassador seated few minutes before the attack
Police trying to handcuff Kim
Dragging him away since he was resisting arrest
Kim screams...

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